Teatro Romano

by emanuele

Roman Theatre

Roman Theater

Nestled between via Teatro Greco and via Vittorio Emanuele, rise the Roman Theatre and the Odeon. It is supposed that the construction of the theatre, which could gather up to 7000 people, dates back to the second century A.D., and that it was built over a pre-existing Greek structure in the old acropolis of Catania.

Within an 80-metre diameter, the orchestra, the cavea (built on large vaulted corridors) and some parts of the scene may still be seen. In 1908 Count Roger I wanted the theatre to be deprived of its marble and stones, so that Saint Agathe Cathedral could be more quickly built.

Findings of the seventeenth century excavations are stored in the Museo Comunale. Because of several eruptions and earthquakes, the ground level dropped and today the Amenano, an underground river flows through the lower part, especially in the orchestra area, so that contemporary performances cannot be played.