Teatro Massimo Bellini

Massimo Bellini Theatre

Massimo Bellini Theater

The neo-baroque facade is inspired on the classical style of Sansovino in Venice National Marcian Library. The rest of the building is different on the side parts and has the shape of a theatre.

The four-order-box room over the gallery is highly decorated and is one of the most beautiful of those built in the nineteenth century in Italy. The ceiling is frescoed by the painter Ernesto Bellandi with Bellini’s apotheosis and the allegories of his most known works: Norma, La sonnambula, I puritani and Il pirata.

The historical curtain shows the “Vittoria dei catanesi sui libici” and is painted by the local painter Giuseppe Sciuti. In the large elegant marble foyer, is remarkable Bellini’s bronze statue, by Salvo Giordano.